Our Concierge Service provide creative solutions for businesses and residential developments who need a high quality front of house service. We work closely with property developers, resident associations, local police, local authority and emergency services to develop and manage daily procedures to ensure residents of a community are protected by value added services.

All receptionists are highly skilled and qualified to represent our company and your brand. We choose professional and experienced personnel who in addition to security skills to promote positive communication with residents.

All staff receives comprehensive training and ongoing operational support from the management. All of them are licensed security professional who receive additional hospitality and customer service training related to the assignment. They perform the following services;

  • On-site Concierge 24/7
  • Office assistant and reception for management
  • Managing all deliveries
  • Monitoring all property security and safety systems.
  • Patrolling all points of property
  • 24 hour service call response
  • Notify police, fire, or EMT services when necessary
  • Detailed shift and incident reports written for management