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Vision & Mission


NIGHT WATCH SECURITY SERVICES LTD committed to providing cost effective security services, providing the client with an improving level of service. We can achieve this by integrating with the client’s personnel, adopting a flexible approach and operating an open book policy between the client and NIGHT WATCH SECURITY SERVICES LTD. We also provide a single monthly invoice, supported by a detailed financial summary of all costs incurred.


  • Work for and fully regard the interests of our clients;
  • Develop long-term relationships based on results, mutual respect and integrity;
  • Provide a service from strategy through implementation and on-going support;
  • Provide an exceptional standard of security personnel
  • Build a business that provides a stimulating and challenging environment that attracts, develops and motivates people.
  • To meet the criteria and recommendations of the PSI Act 2001 and continuously promote the Private Security Industry.
  • Protection of the public

To work with all interested parties for example the police, council, clients, employee’s, suppliers and associated organisations to ensure that we identify all internal and external issues both positive and negative and utilise the information in all system and service development which will be reviewed by annually at our management review, which is available upon request by all interested party

Core Values

The success of NIGHT WATCH SECURITY SERVICES LTD is built around the organisations core values. At all the times we will:

  • Act with professional integrity
  • Regularly monitor and review any external and internal influences and factors and adapt our organization and operations to reduce and damage to our profit or turnover to improve on company growth and secure a good place in the industry.
  • Identify and work with all interested parties
  • Accept only assignments for which we are qualified experienced and competent to perform;
  • Protect our client’s interests first and foremost;
  • Protection of the Public
  • Adhering to all relevant laws and legislations including the private security industry act, health and safety at work act 1974, working time directive, lone worker regulations etc.
  • Improve the reputation of the private security industry to constantly monitor and measure our success and areas of nonconformance to ensure the best possible service is provided.